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29.11.2023 16:01

An oasis in the desert: 3 of the greenest neighborhoods for family life in Dubai

An oasis in the desert: 3 of the greenest neighborhoods for family life in Dubai

"There is no greenery in Dubai, it's all concrete and heat!" 

Such a phrase can be heard from those clients who have a very ghostly idea of the Emirate. Indeed, once Dubai was a desert, but now it has become a modern city with a lot of highways, high-rises and rich urban infrastructure. 

Let's understand why Dubai has a reputation of an artificial city without greenery?

The fact is that many people come to Dubai as tourists and visit only the top places: the Downtown area, where the famous Burj Khalifa is located, the trendy Dubai Marina district with huge skyscrapers. All these tourist areas have been maximally built up in order to show the residents and visitors of the UAE what a powerful and infrastructural emirate Dubai is.  

But, if you do not limit your trip to stay only in the central part of the emirate, you can see a completely different picture. 

Now the government of Dubai is working hard to make the city not only super-modern, but also greener and more environmentally friendly. And we don't just mean parks and recreational areas, but the creation of entire developed green neighborhoods for living in the UAE. 

Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills is located between the two "centers" of Dubai: Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah. To reach them, you will only need a twenty minute journey by car.

The neighborhood began to be developed in 2014. And if at that time the first residents had to see only desert around them, now they enjoy a real oasis. 

Dubai Hills is divided into several zones:

- The zone where premium villas and townhouses are available.

- The zone where residential developments are concentrated.

- The zone with villas and townhouses in the central part. 

Dubai Hills can be called an ideal neighborhood for living with a family. This is a real green city in the city. Developers here did not forget about public areas and built a lot of playgrounds, luxurious parks and walking areas. There is no tourist hustle and bustle here, which is usually peculiar to Dubai. 

The main attraction of the area is the huge Dubai Hills Park, because of which many couples consider buying property in Dubai Hills. This park has a whole aqua zone with a mini beach, many playgrounds, a soft running track, a volleyball court and other family-friendly activities. For animal lovers, there are green enclosures for dog walking.

A golf club with an 18-hole course is also a hallmark of the neighborhood. And for those who can't imagine their life without shopping there is also good news - in order to go shopping, you don't need to go somewhere else. It has its own shopping center Dubai Hills mall. 

Best real estate offers in Dubai Hills area

Club Drive – a family complex from the developer Emaar Properties PJSC with recreation areas, playgrounds, swimming pools and landscaped park. 

The price starts from 1,591,888 AED.

Parkside Viewsproject from the developer Emaar Properties PJSC. The main amenities of the residential complex are a barbecue area with access to the park, children's playground, swimming pools. 

The price starts from 2 167 888 AED

Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle (abbreviated as JVC) attracts couples for the following reasons: 

- There are plenty of parks, lakes and green spaces. 

- Good transportation accessibility to anywhere in Dubai. 

- A large number of restaurants and stores. 

The development of buildings in JVC has a radial shape, so all important infrastructure elements are located in the center. Because of this, the main park of JVC looks like an octopus spreading its tentacles in different directions. This is the main feature of the neighborhood - wherever you buy an apartment, you will always have walking distance to the park. The park in JVC is as green and very pleasant as possible, despite the fact that it is not as modern as in Dubai Hills. It is comfortable to be here both during the day and in the evening, thanks to the tall trees that create the shade you need for long walks. 

The JVC neighborhood is adjacent to attractions such as Dubai Wonderland Garden and Butterfly Garden, which are also famous for their vast green areas. 

The best real estate offers in the Jumeirah Village Circle area are

Sapphire 32 is a complex with panoramic windows, high ceilings, swimming pools for children and adults and landscaped recreational areas. 

The price starts from 706,687 AED

ONYXa residential complex with a playground, gym and swimming pool.

The cost starts from 1,650,000 AED

Mohammed Bin Rashid City

This is one of the newest neighborhoods in Dubai. Its construction started in 2012 and lasted for three years. The neighborhood is known for its abundance of green areas, including Zabil Park and Safa Park, one of the oldest parks in Dubai. It offers the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as boating on the picturesque lake. 

Over 65% of the area is dedicated to green spaces. Mohammed Bin Rashid City is ideal for families with children, with many kindergartens and schools located here. It is also home to a huge library with an unusual shape. The neighborhood has a green promenade, an artificial lagoon, and parks with jogging and biking paths. In general, everything you need for a quiet (but not boring!) family life. 

Best real estate offers in Mohammed Bin Rashid City area

The Crest at Sobha Hartland is a complex with landscaped terraces, Sky Garden, where every resident can relax and unwind after a day's work or on weekends. 

Rates start from AED 2,071,011.

Riviera Reve the main services of the residents of this complex include a roof terrace with a barbecue area, landscape pool, landscaped areas. 

The cost starts from 2,137,135 AED.

Having visited any of these areas, you can be sure that Dubai is a city of not only skyscrapers, but also comfortable parks, green oases and numerous areas for family recreation.

Club Drive
Club Drive
Completion dateQ1 2028
DeveloperEmaar Properties PJSC
Total area
Down payment10%
from 1 520 000 AED