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07.12.2023 11:56

A win-win combination: beachfront property in the middle of a metropolis

A win-win combination: beachfront property in the middle of a metropolis

A resort in the backyard of an apartment complex? Why not!

Resort real estate in the UAE is a dream of many investors. Apartments, villas, townhouses on the first coastline have a special vibe and remain in demand for many years. Thanks to this investor can sell or rent the property, while receiving a stable passive income. Or live in such an apartment independently and enjoy the proximity of the beach and the sea near the house. 

What is considered the first line 

Real estate on the first coastline is a residential property located directly next to the water. No obstacles are allowed between such housing and the sea. For example, if an apartment or villa is separated from the sea by a roadway, the property is no longer considered to be built on the first line. Usually the distance from the apartment door to the beach is no more than 100 meters. This distance is ideal for properties that are going to be rented out. Tourists renting apartments for short term vacation rentals will always prefer a minimum distance from the sea. Therefore, it will be much easier to sell or rent a property on the beachfront than a similar property in a different, remote area. 

The main advantages of real estate on the first coastline

  • Maximum comfortable access to the beach

If you live on the first line, you do not need to think about a lot of things: how to get to the place of rest, where to change clothes and leave things, what to take with you for a snack. After all, everything you need is just a few steps away from the beach. You no longer need to plan a trip to the sea, because it is always "at hand". 

  • Favorable location of the property for further investment

If you suddenly want to sell or rent out your property, it will be easier for you to do so than owners of more distant from the sea apartments. In addition, the cost of real estate near the sea is much higher than similar, but located on the second or third shoreline. 

  • Excellent infrastructure 

Near the sea are often located near the most premium and luxurious hotels, so their territories are always well-groomed, there is an abundance of greenery around, and in many cases a beautiful park is provided nearby. This will also be a big plus for long or short term rentals. 

  • Another advantage of beachfront properties is the stunning sea views that can be enjoyed every day.

You will be able to enjoy sunsets and morning walks on the beach. This factor can significantly affect your life and make it more peaceful and harmonious. 

Disadvantages of beachfront real estate 

Let's be objective: beachfront real estate has its disadvantages. Firstly, the cost. As a rule, apartments, villas and penthouses located near the sea are several times more expensive than other types of real estate. 

Secondly, in apartments near the sea, there is an increased risk of fungus due to the constant high humidity. In addition, the purchase of real estate on the first coastline implies the need for detailed care and maintenance. Salt water and wind have a negative impact on the appearance of the building, requiring frequent repairs and renovations. Also, if your apartment is located in a resort area, be prepared for increased noise in the evenings, especially during the tourist season. 

Nuances to consider before buying a beachfront property

Pay attention to which side of the sun your future apartment is located. The natural light should be maximized to suit your lifestyle. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable in such an apartment. If you are going to sell or rent apartments on the beachfront, be sure to tell the client about this nuance. 

Select housing with a private beach. Most developers of luxury complexes take into account this point and offer future owners their own territory for recreation. However, it is not uncommon when the coastal zone is common for all guests and residents of the UAE. Therefore, it is often uncomfortable to be on such a beach because of the noise and the abundance of tourists. 

The best objects for buying real estate in the UAE by the sea 

Anwa Aria a residential complex from the developer Omniyat Properties is located on the first coastline. It will be an ideal place for those who lead a luxurious and secluded lifestyle. An important bonus: the complex has direct access to the seafront and the park. 

Price: from 2,292,664 AED

Seapoint is a contemporary project by developer Emaar Properties, located on the beachfront in the popular Emaar Beachfront neighborhood. It offers a truly resort lifestyle, forgetting that you are in a metropolis. 

Price: from 3,632,888 AED

Cape Hayat is a premium residential complex by developer RAK Properties, located on the Persian Gulf. The apartments with ocean, lagoon and mangrove views will suit those who dream of escaping the bustling city in a secluded green space. 

Price: from 1,556,000 AED

Not just by the sea: real estate near the lagoon and artificial lakes 

However, in Dubai you can consider buying real estate not only near the sea, but also near water: an artificially created lake or lagoon. This is a great way to be in the center of the metropolis, but still have an oasis of peace and harmony. 

Buying an apartment near the water has its undeniable advantages:

A beautiful panorama from the window, reminiscent of living in the countryside. 

Maintaining an active lifestyle. In order to engage in water sports, you do not have to leave your apartment complex. 

White sand, infrastructural beach, green park - all this can be obtained not by purchasing housing on the first line of the sea, but by buying real estate near the lagoon. For some projects there are very tempting prices. 

An apartment in a residential complex with a resort atmosphere is always an ideal investment for future investments. Watching the increasing demand for properties near water bodies, we can assume that these projects will always be in demand. 

The best properties to buy near artificial water bodies are

Naya at District One is a residential complex by developer Nakheel Properties located on the banks of an artificial crystal lagoon. Nearby there are green parks and central locations of Dubai. 

Price: from 1,827,800 AED

Azizi Venice is a project by developer Azizi Developments, inspired by Venice. The main feature of the complex is a large artificial lagoon with a depth of 1.5 meters. The apartments are ideal for lovers of water sports: canoeing, kayaking or simply swimming. 

Price: from 480 000 AED

The Sanctuary is an exclusive project from the developer Ellington Group. Villas with 4-5 bedrooms near the picturesque lagoon. You can live close to the city center and at the same time enjoy picturesque views of the park, water body and Burj Khalifa.

Price: from AED 16,174,828

Once you understand the pros and cons, you will be able to make an informed choice. But you need to remember that when you buy real estate on the beachfront, you are buying not just a place to live, but a lifestyle. Therefore, approach the purchase responsibly. And if you still have questions, you can always contact our experts.

Azizi Venice
Azizi Venice
Completion dateQ4 2026
DeveloperAzizi Developments
Total areafrom 30 m² to 261 m²
Down payment10%
from 627 000 AED