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05.02.2024 12:32

Top 5 Dubai neighborhoods preferred by Russian investors

Top 5 Dubai neighborhoods preferred by Russian investors

Where is the best place to invest in order to get the maximum profit? 

In 2023, Russians have confidently entered the top three main buyers of real estate in the UAE and are clearly not going to give up their positions. Let's find out which areas investors consider the most profitable for investing capital.  

Why Dubai?

- Perhaps the main factors in the popularity of Dubai among Russian investors are considered zero taxes and high return on investment.

- The authorities are striving to make Dubai the most developing and technological city. Such goals will undoubtedly attract even more tourists in the future, which means that real estate rentals will be in high demand. 

- Favorable territorial location allows residents and tourists to enjoy the warm climate and travel to the emirates at any time of the year. 

What kind of real estate in Dubai buy Russian investors

Most often for investment, Russians choose apartments with one or two bedrooms. Such real estate closes several purposes at once. First, it can be rented out for short-term rent. Secondly, if necessary to live in it independently for several months a year. 

The main requirements of Russians to real estate in Dubai 

Most investors are looking for real estate in Dubai for short-term or long-term rent. Therefore, the requirements for apartments are most often repeated. Here are the main ones: 

- Location of the apartment complex no further than 20 minutes from the sea or the main attractions. Any broker will tell you that the most popular question among Russian investors is: "How far is it to the sea?". 

- Residential complex with developed internal and external infrastructure: swimming pool, park, green areas, large shopping centers.

- Kindergartens, schools, pharmacies and grocery stores in close proximity to the housing. 

Favorite areas of Russians for investment 

Of course, most Russians prefer to invest their capital in real estate located in central or actively developing areas. 

1) Dubai Marina - this area is considered the most popular for investment. Here you can rent an apartment for both long-term and short-term rent. Located along the Persian Gulf, real estate in this area attracts both investors and tourists. First of all, the waterfront views and proximity to the main attractions of the city. 

Franck Muller Aeternitas is a residential complex located in the heart of Dubai Marina. The unique design of the building, recreational spaces in the residential complex and close proximity to famous beach locations make the LCD attractive for investment. The Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall can be reached in 15-20 minutes, so the location of the complex is ideal for short or long term rentals. 

Delivery date: Q2 2027.

Price: from AED 2,700,000.

2)Palm Jumeirah. This area attracts investors with a high level of income, as Palm Jumeirah offers everyone to join the luxury lifestyle. Of course, there is housing for almost every taste and purse, but most of all the area specializes in luxury real estate. The main factors of attractiveness of Palm Jumeirah are:

- Convenient location. You can easily and comfortably get to the central districts of the emirate. 

- A large number of tourist attractions.

- A lot of entertainment services. 

Investors are attracted to the area for the following reasons: 

- Annual growth in real estate prices, which means increased profits on resale. 

- High rental yields. 

Cote d'Azur is a hotel complex with the best beaches, allowing you to be at the resort without leaving the city. On the territory created all the conditions for life and recreation.

Delivery date: 2 quarter of 2027.

Cost: from 3 852 339 AED. 

3)Business Bay - this area is located in the heart of Dubai. Business Bay is considered a business space: there are many offices of various companies. For this it is loved by Russian freelancers. However, the location just 1.5 kilometers from the Burj Khalifa and the most famous shopping center Dubai Mall make Business Bay attractive for tourists. 

Bayz 101 is an elite residential complex located close to attractions. It has everything you need for life in the metropolis: its own swimming pool on the territory of the complex, tennis court, gyms, etc. 

Delivery date: 2 quarter of 2028.

Cost: from 1 175 000 AED.

4)Dubailand is one of the most tourist and entertainment areas in Dubai. It is a real city within a city with its restaurants, parks, shopping centers and hotels. The neighborhood attracts investors because Dubailand is comfortable for people with different needs. Families with children, businessmen or freelancers rent apartments here. It has the world's largest indoor theme park.

Skyros is a residential complex with modern design and developed infrastructure, where you can feel yourself in the resort. 

Completion date: Q2 2026.

Cost: from 1,926,698 AED.

5)Dubai Hills - the greenest neighborhood for a comfortable life. About twenty minutes by car you can get to Dubai Marina and Downtown. Despite the developed infrastructure, the atmosphere here is very calm, so the neighborhood is ideal for families with children. Residents of the area support a healthy lifestyle: there are many jogging routes, gyms, bicycle paths and even golf courses. Renters are mostly families with children or people who prefer to live a quiet lifestyle. 

Club Drive is a modern complex ideal for families. Beautiful views from the windows of the large-scale golf course will help you feel yourself in the "green heart" of Dubai. The high level of internal infrastructure will appeal to everyone living in the complex. 

Completion date: 1 quarter of 2028.

Price: from AED 1,591,888. 


Before investing in Dubai real estate, you need to decide on potential tenants. If you plan to rent the property to families with children, then choose neighborhoods such as Dubailand or Dubai Hills. If you are planning a short-term rental - look at more touristy places: Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah or Business Bay.