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19.05.2023 11:53

Profession of a real estate broker in Dubai

Profession of a real estate broker in Dubai

Dubai is becoming one of the world's financial centers, where the wealthiest segments of society are flocking and are interested in buying real estate.

Why is this happening?

- Favorable economic conditions, including zero income tax

* since June 2023, the income tax will rise to 9% - more on this topic in the next article

- Well-developed infrastructure in education, healthcare, business and leisure

- Stable macroeconomic situation

- Promising sales market

- Stable exchange rate

The Dubai real estate market is now very much in demand. Earlier we wrote that only for the first quarter of this year was registered real estate transactions worth $ 24.1 billion, according to the Land Department of Dubai - the highest figure for the first quarter, taking into account all previous years.

Who is interested in working with a broker? 

All people who are interested in Dubai real estate. Potential buyers want recommendations, analysis, inspection of properties and documents, assistance with payments and more. In addition, Dubai's target audience is entrepreneurs and businessmen, and they also turn to a specialist to save their own time.

Broker's income:

– The broker's income is made up of the sales commission, which ranges from 1.5% to 6.8% of the property's value.

– On one transaction broker may earn an average of $18.000


Work as a real estate broker in Dubai - not only a job on the prestigious and promising market, but also a high income, personal connections with successful businessmen, wealthy people. And in order to work in this market, you don't have to be in the Emirate, all you need is a computer and a phone. You can run your business from anywhere in the world, thanks to Housebook. 

With Housebook, you can not only sell real estate in the UAE, but also be trained as a broker in the academy, choosing the most suitable format for you, the start of the course will be held on May 26!

Azizi Mina
Azizi Mina
Completion dateQ1 2021
DeveloperAzizi Developments
Total areafrom 84 m² to 950 m²
Down payment
from 3 334 830 AED