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31.01.2024 7:41

How to find targeted clients for properties in Dubai: 8 easy steps

How to find targeted clients for properties in Dubai: 8 easy steps

Broker's tools: effective strategies and approaches 

Since 2022, the demand of Russians for foreign real estate has been steadily increasing. Nevertheless, many novice brokers hesitate to enter the Dubai market because they are afraid of failing to find target clients. We tell you what a realtor needs to know in order to expand the base of contacts and attract potential investors. 

Often, brokers spend a lot of effort not so much on closing deals as on finding new clients. However, to ensure a steady stream of deals, certain rules must be followed.

Strategies for attracting clients

Step 1: Know the main advantages of real estate in Dubai 

- Dubai is listed among the "Top 10 safest cities in the world". In addition, its developed infrastructure attracts a large number of tourists. 

- Affordable prices. The cost of apartments in Dubai in a good neighborhood starts from 14 000 000 rubles. The term of delivery of real estate developer usually does not exceed a few years. For this amount in Moscow you can buy an apartment, decently removed from the center, in a dormitory area.

- Problem-free obtaining a resident visa for the whole family.

- Demand for real estate in Dubai among Russians. 

- Installment with zero interest, no taxes on resale and rental. 

- Investment attractiveness. Real estate is steadily increasing in price. 

- The opportunity to conclude a deal remotely. The main bonus: the client does not have to fly to Dubai to buy an apartment. 

Step 2: Identify the target audience 

First of all, analyze what kind of requests your clients come to you most often. Some want to buy real estate for living, others - for investment, and others - for vacation or residency visa. Such research will help you make more accurate offers with a focus on closing the client's needs.

Step 3: Estimate the budget 

Next, you need to understand what budget your target audience is focused on: buying luxury or resort real estate, buying an apartment for rent or for themselves. Depending on this, your creatives, presentations, social media posts will differ in concept and visual content. 

Step 4: Find your advantages over other brokers

Think about what you can offer to the client and what your professional qualities will be decisive in choosing you as a broker:

- Experience in the overseas real estate market, 

- a database of proven developers,

- consultation at any time of the day,

- successful investment cases. 

Find your chips, for which the client will love you, and do not be afraid to mention them on the website or in social networks. 

Step 5: Work with your own base 

Your own contact base is one of the most promising resources for finding potential clients. 

- Mailings with presentations of profitable real estate by mail and in various messengers work great. You can create a presentation on our platform, including those properties that you find most interesting.

An important broker's tip: create a proposal presentation based on the commission that is most attractive to you. 

- Don't forget about social media posts from your personal account. If you don't make yourself known as a specialist in the virtual space, it means you'll have fewer clients in the real world, too. Remember that your page is a business card, where you can demonstrate successful cases, talk about your achievements and share useful information with subscribers. Do your best to be seen and heard. 

- Also a good tool is active "calling" of clients. 

The main goals of all these actions are to expand your sales funnel, increase your reach, and notify your customers that they have an opportunity to review properties in Dubai. 

Step 6: The power of communication 

Finally, don't forget the importance of networking and collaborating with professionals in your or a related field. Offline meetings with other real estate agents, lawyers and financial advisors will help you expand your client base and share valuable knowledge and experience.

Step 7: Word of mouth 

Remember that a satisfied client will surely recommend you to his acquaintances, relatives and friends. In this case, try to strengthen the effect of word of mouth yourself: make it a rule to leave a phone number for each potential customer. 

Step 8: Go to events 

Try to attend the same events as your target audience. At the event, actively socialize with people, sign up for each other's social media accounts or exchange phone numbers. By the way, it is better for a broker to have several messengers, as clients prefer different ways of communication. 

Bottom line 

Finding a client is half the success. Instead of concluding, we offer a checklist on "How to retain a potential customer". 

1- Always be in touch. Unable to reach you, a client may contact another broker. 

2. Try to put the client at ease from the first conversation. Find out his personal needs and offer options that are right for him. 

3. Explain every action you take. This puts clients at ease and builds trust. 

4. Don't waste your time or anyone else's time. It is better to prepare a few suitable objects than ten unsuitable ones. 

5. Be punctual and honest. Two of these qualities are simply necessary for an aspiring broker.