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07.02.2023 11:33

Resident visa: how to get

Resident visa: how to get

The residence visa will allow you to legally live in the country for 10 years. Benefits of applying for a visa:

  •  Long period of residence in the country.
  •  Free movement.
  •  Opening a bank account and getting a loan.
  •  Obtaining the status of a tax resident of the UAE.
  •  Doing business in the country.
  •  Legal work in local companies.
  •  Teaching children in local schools.
  •  Registration of medical insurance.
  •  Getting a driver's license.
  •  Applying for a Schengen visa and a US visa.

Ways to get a resident visa:

  •  After getting a job in a company that is registered in the country.
  •  Upon admission to an educational institution in the UAE.
  •  After opening your own business in the territory of the free economic zone.
  •  When buying a property from 750 000 AED.
  •  When investing from 10 000 000 AED of investments in the country's economy.
  •  For outstanding achievements in the field of science.

To learn more about the possibilities offered by a visa, call +971 43 102302.