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23.01.2024 15:30

The future is near: unmanned transportation, remote transactions and meta-universe development in Dubai

The future is near: unmanned transportation, remote transactions and meta-universe development in Dubai

From fantastic plans to our reality 

Everyone knows that Dubai is the largest innovative and technological city. From year to year, more and more investors seek to invest their capital in UAE real estate not only because of the lack of taxation, but also because of the high level of comfort. We tell you about the most high-profile technologies that have been implemented in Dubai and how they affect the guests and residents of the city.

FacePay - biometrics in transportation

Dubai residents will probably soon say goodbye to paper tickets and plastic cards for transportation. The innovative FacePay system implies entering public transportation without putting additional funds to the terminal. All a person needs to do is stand in front of a special device. It instantly counts his biometric data and will debit the required amount of money from his bank card or from the account he synchronized with the scanner. 

Pros of the system:

- Consolidation of urban transportation services;

- Inability to lose a ticket;

- Simplification of payment. 

Minuses of the system: 

- Some people oppose giving their biometric data to the government. 

Unmanned transportation 

News especially for those who do not believe in the future: in the area of Jumeirah began to conduct tests for autonomous electric vehicles. It is promised that unmanned cabs will appear in the UAE as early as 2024, as the Emirates aims to become the first Middle Eastern state to launch an autonomous transportation system. Cars of the future have a speed limit allowed in the Jumeirah area of 70 kilometers per hour. The unmanned transportation will be controlled by the RTA*. Responsibility for an accident involving such a vehicle will be borne by the drone operator. Be that as it may, we will not be surprised at all if in the near future it is in Dubai that we will see a flying car for the first time. 

Drones instead of couriers

At Gitex Global 2023, Dubai's largest technology exhibition, guests were shown new versions of couriers. They are small but powerful drones. It is planned that they will be able to deliver food weighing up to 2.5 kilograms (Exhale, pizza and rolls they will definitely cope). 

It is expected that the radius of flight of the drones will be about 10 kilometers. This will make delivery not only unusual, but also fast. Heat and moderate rain "flying deliverers" will not be afraid. In 2024 it is planned to launch the drones on a pilot test site - let's look forward to seeing what will come out of it. 

Problem-free parking lots 

Parking is a headache for all metropolitan dwellers. That's why Dubai has come up with artificial intelligence parking lots for the convenience of its residents. The application will independently monitor the database and accurately predict the occupancy of parking lots every hour. Thanks to such innovative technologies, traffic on the roads will be reduced, as the flow of cars in search of a place will be noticeably reduced.


If high technology is to be introduced into the city, it should be done in a big way. The Emirates has launched the strategy "Dubai Metavieworld". There is a probability that thanks to it about forty thousand new virtual jobs will be created in just five years. The goal of the meta-universe is to increase the number of blockchain companies in Dubai. Many worry that such technology will further disconnect us from the real world. However, the mission here is completely different: to make human tasks even faster and more efficient.

It is also assumed that in the meta-universe will be created a real virtual hospital. Such a clinic will allow you to consult doctors online, as well as use artificial intelligence and VR technologies in first aid programs. We agree, it doesn't sound quite realistic, but let's see what will come out of it in a few years. 

Development of 3D technology for construction 

Dubai has already set a world record by printing the largest building in terms of size. It became the largest in the world despite being created in just 19 days. The main advantage is that the use of 3D technology in construction reduces the consumption of materials used. 

Remote transactions and virtual tours

Everyone who has experienced buying real estate in Dubai, can confirm - almost all the objects for sale are available quality virtual tours. They allow you to explore all the nuances of real estate and the surrounding area without leaving your country. And if you want to buy the desired object - you do not have to fly to Dubai, because the deal can be done remotely. 


It so happens that Dubai sets the standard of living in the 21st century. It is not surprising that investors from all over the world strive to get here. After all, every year Dubai is increasingly becoming a city where every invested capital will be multiplied thanks to innovative projects aimed at the development and sustainability of the emirate. 

*RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) - Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

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Nobles Tower
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