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29.12.2023 8:35

How to buy real estate in the UAE remotely

How to buy real estate in the UAE remotely

Just 5 steps to a dream deal 

Not many people know that you can buy an apartment in the UAE without leaving Russia, i.e. remotely. And those who know this fact think that buying real estate abroad is a complicated procedure. We dispel this myth and share detailed information on how to make a remote transaction to buy an apartment in the UAE. And save time and nerves. 

Who buys an apartment remotely

First of all, a remote transaction is suitable for those who consider buying an apartment as an investment. Many people buy real estate with the subsequent purpose of renting or resale. In this case, the remote purchase of an apartment - the most convenient and appropriate solution. 

Secondly, if you want to buy real estate at the initial stage of construction, it makes no sense to fly to Dubai on your own. You will see nothing but the foundation, and the planned building you will be shown only on booklets, websites and brochures.  

Practice shows that buying real estate remotely - a justified step, which many clients calmly go and, as a rule, are not disappointed in the result. 

Step 1: real estate selection 

A broker can help you to find the right apartment, and subsequently buy it. He knows the nuances, will tell you how to quickly collect the necessary documents, and will conduct a remote transaction "turnkey". 

Finding a property to buy if you are in another country is quite easy. The first thing a broker should do is find out what your needs are: 

- how much money you are willing to spend;

- for what you want to buy an apartment: for living, renting or resale;

- your desires for the neighborhood;

- important for you points in the infrastructure of the LCD.

Then the broker provides several options of apartments, selected according to your preferences. You are sent photos, presentations of developers, brochures, floor plans, videos, links to the sites of those projects that may interest you. 

Step 2: booking a property 

Once you have chosen a particular apartment, the next step comes. For further conclusion of the deal, you must book your favorite object. Usually this is done by making a minimum payment (from 20,000 to 50,000 thousand AED). You can pay for the reservation with any foreign card, issued not in Russia, through the official website of the developer. If you do not have such a card, it is better to contact a broker. He will help you make the payment from his card directly to the developer, and you just reimburse him for this amount. In the UAE, payments through third parties are allowed, so it doesn't matter who exactly paid for the reservation.

Step 3: Receive the booking document 

Once you have transferred the money to the developer, a booking agreement is signed. Depending on what stage the project is at, this can be a Booking Form, Reservation Form or Expression of Interest (EOI). This document lists important terms of the deal: basic parameters of the object, passport data of the buyer, residential address, payment schedule. Everything can be signed in a scan and sent back by e-mail. The developer also puts an electronic signature. 

This contract is accompanied by an invoice - an invoice for the first payment. These two documents are enough for you to make the first installment via SWIFT transfer in the future. 

Step 4: payment of the first installment 

In order to get SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreement) - the analog of the Russian equity participation agreement - you need to pay the first installment. Approximately 95% of new buildings in Dubai are sold in installments. The first installment is usually from 10% to 30%. It is also necessary to pay separately for the registration of real estate in the Land Department (Land Department) - in Dubai it is a one-time government tax of 4% of the value of the apartment, and in Abu Dhabi - 2%.

Step 5: Signing of the sales contract

After paying the down payment, the builder sends a paper version of the SPA - the purchase and sale agreement - by post. You sign it in several copies and return it back to the developer. One of the copies goes to the DLD (Dubai Land Department), as it is the one that monitors the implementation of all projects.

You can also remotely monitor the stage of completion in the Dubai REST app. It has all the information you need on your project: escrow account, percentage of completion, date of last inspection, etc. When the home is fully operational, you will receive a Title Deed. This is what you will need in the future to apply for a resident visa. 


So, a short cheat sheet on all the stages of the transaction. 

1)Choosing a broker and a real estate object.

2)Booking the apartment through making a minimum payment. 

3)Obtaining the reservation agreement. The developer prepares the reservation agreement, on the basis of which you later make SWIFT-transfer.

4)Payment of the down payment via SWIFT transfer and the mandatory state tax.

5)Signing of the sales contract. After the housing is put into operation - receiving Title Deed. 

As you can see, buying real estate in the UAE remotely - not a difficult task at all. The main thing is to find a good broker and entrust him with the main part of the work. Then the purchase of an apartment in the UAE will take minimum time, effort and nerves.

Nobles Tower
Nobles Tower
Completion dateQ2 2024
DeveloperTiger Real Estate
Total areafrom 84 m² to 150 m²
Down payment5%
from 2 732 520 AED