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02.12.2023 10:26

Dubai's most luxurious penthouses: a realtor's guide to sourcing luxury real estate

Dubai's most luxurious penthouses: a realtor's guide to sourcing luxury real estate

A penthouse is a spacious luxury apartment, usually occupying the entire top floor of a building. It is important not to confuse a penthouse with an ordinary apartment, which is located on such a floor. Penthouses have several distinctive features - panoramic windows, a separate entrance, their own elevator, a movie theater or fitness center. A penthouse can consist of one floor or several floors. Curiously, sometimes the area of a penthouse is much larger than that of a villa. 

Pros of a penthouse 

Large area and uniqueness of the apartment. Each penthouse is built according to an exclusive design. Therefore, if the client thinks of buying such elite real estate at the stage of construction of a multi-storey building, he will be able to realize almost any of his own ideas. 

The territory of the roof belongs to the owner of the penthouse, so he can use it in his own interests. For example, to build a swimming pool, helipad or gym. 

Separate elevator and parking. This is convenient for those who do not want to unnecessarily meet with neighbors. 

Amazing view of the city. Of course, the panorama from the penthouse window is not comparable to the view from the windows of an ordinary apartment of the same building. 

Since the number of neighbors is kept to a minimum, you can have cool outdoor parties in the penthouse. 

Minuses of the penthouse

Fear of heights. Many people fear living on the very last floor of a huge high-rise. 

No customization. Broker can be difficult to sell a ready-made penthouse, because the client may have his own vision of the layout and furnishings, which usually does not coincide with the realized project. However, many developers take this point into account and make the layout of the penthouse as free as possible. 

Overabundance of sunlight. Windows in the floor bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also bright light. Therefore, most of the time you will need to hide behind dense curtains or blinds. 

High price for such housing.

What a realtor needs to know about his clients 

Most often about the purchase of such elite real estate, such as a penthouse, are thought of wealthy people who want to have a high level of security and privacy. They perfectly see all the details and nuances that the realtor tries to hide. Usually such people ask for help for two reasons: saving time and confidentiality in the conclusion of the transaction. Therefore, the most important advice to a realtor on the sale of luxury real estate - make deals honestly. 

Top 3 most luxurious (and expensive!) penthouses in Dubai

Como Residences Penthouse

It is the penthouse deals that are proving to be the biggest in the market. For example, in mid-November 2023 in Dubai concluded a deal on the sale of the most expensive penthouse - Como Residences, located in the center of Palm Jumeirah. Its value was $136 million. It is a penthouse with stunning views of the bay and Dubai, with its own elevator and smart home system. 

Penthouse in the Bulgari Lighthouse building

Prior to the sale of Como Residences, the most spectacular and expensive penthouse was located in the Jumeirah Bay area in the Bulgari Lighthouse building. It was sold in February 2023 for $112 million. Inside this penthouse there are nine bedrooms, about five parking spaces, and a total area of more than 3.6 thousand square meters. meters. meters. 

One Palm at Palm Jumeirah

This penthouse was sold in 2017 for $74 million. At that time, it was the most elite penthouse. It spans two floors and includes a swimming pool, movie theater, terrace and gym. 

According to Knight Frank's Wealth Report 2023, Dubai's luxury real estate market was the fourth most active in the world. From this we can conclude that premium real estate in the UAE is in demand. The key is to know what to look out for before showing an offer to a client. 

Instructions for a realtor to select a penthouse apartment

There is an opinion that elite real estate costs exactly as much as the client is ready to pay for it. In such a market, there are more variations to negotiate the value. If a realtor knows the nuances that are important to the client, he or she can sell even the most expensive real estate. Therefore, it is important for a broker to be attentive to detail and be able to focus on the seemingly insignificant things. 

Learn to identify the individual needs of the client. First, find out what the purpose of buying luxury real estate is. If it is a move, it is worth studying the infrastructure of the area you like, transport accessibility to the business center (Business Bay or Downtown Dubai) and other personal criteria. If the client is looking for a penthouse for investment, it is worth considering a neighborhood with a large tourist flow or a penthouse on the sea coast (Dubai Marina or Palm Jumeirah). In any case, the penthouse search starts with determining the client's goals and needs. 

Before offering penthouse options to a client, thoroughly research the developer's reputation for delivering on promises, stability and timelines.

What else you need to find out from the developer

An important characteristic of a penthouse for many clients is isolation and security. Therefore, it is worth finding out whether there will be a separate elevator, card access system, alarm system, security service, etc. 

Clarify the load limit of the top floor. Knowing these parameters, you can easily convey to the client why, for example, in this particular penthouse is impossible to install a helipad. Or, on the contrary, assure the client that on the terrace can be installed a swimming pool. 

Pay attention to soundproofing. The penthouse is ideal for throwing parties for a large company. Usually there are few neighbors in the penthouse, but they can be a problem if there is poor soundproofing in the elite space. 

All communications in the penthouse should be reliable, and the finishing - made of environmentally friendly materials. 

Before meeting with the client in advance prepare material about the infrastructure: where in the complex there is a fitness club, beauty salon, private kindergarten. 

Look for unique features that set the penthouse apart from others. Remember that in most cases, together with elite real estate you are selling a dream, status, self-perception, exclusivity and lifestyle.

Nobles Tower
Nobles Tower
Completion dateQ2 2024
DeveloperTiger Real Estate
Total areafrom 84 m² to 150 m²
Down payment5%
from 2 732 520 AED