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19.02.2024 12:39

Popular UAE real estate developers

Popular UAE real estate developers

We continue to tell you about reliable and popular real estate developers in the UAE: why clients love them and what are the advantages of working with them. 

Sobha Realty

A large company that has been building premium-class real estate in the UAE and other countries since 1976. The developer has become a symbol of luxury living, as all its properties set standards of quality and elitism. 

Why Sobha Realty is loved:

- Client-centeredness;

- attention to detail;

- ideal location of residential complexes;

- quality of construction materials and real estate in general;

- on-time delivery of projects;

- first-class amenities. 

Initially, Sobha Realty dealt exclusively with interior decoration. However, over the years, it has evolved into one of the leading real estate firms in the UAE due to its skillful combination of quality and aesthetics. 

Omniyat Properties

A large company that has been actively developing in the real estate market since 2005. The main areas of the developer are construction and management of residential, hotel and commercial properties. The firm is engaged in premium real estate and is famous for design and architectural innovations. 

The company's pros:

- Uniqueness of projects;

- reliability;

- real estate in prime locations in Dubai;

- working with leading contractors;

- unique layout and design. 

Omniyat Properties cooperates with popular designers and architects, which allows each new project to be individual and creative. 

Aqua Properties

Aqua Properties was founded in 2005. Today the company is not only engaged in construction, but also in brokerage services. 

Why Aqua Properties is loved for: 

- personalized service;

- qualified team;

- effective solutions; 

- many successfully realized projects.

The developer's target audience is young people, so Aqua Properties often specializes in building coliving. Coliving is a type of housing with developed infrastructure in commune style. Here there are many chances to make acquaintances and friendships with neighbors, so young middle class people often prefer this type of housing. The developer makes sure that in the coliving under construction there are all amenities and entertainment: indoor cinema, cafes and even bowling. 

Dar Al Arkan

The company entered the international market in 2017. The developer strives to make each object created by him comfortable for the client and thought out to the smallest details. 

Pros of the company:

- high quality of construction;

- good location of objects;

- unique solutions of apartment design. 

Dar Al Arkan projects make a great contribution to the architectural image of the city. The developer offers both stylish modern apartments and more private properties such as townhouses or villas.

Bloom Properties

The real estate of this developer is first of all chosen by those for whom comfort and convenience are important. In addition to construction, the firm is also engaged in maintenance of both the territory of the complex and the building itself. And also creates infrastructure facilities near the LCD under construction. 

Why Bloom Properties is loved:

- innovative design;

- high standards of construction;

- good reputation in the real estate market;

- high-quality building materials. 

The developer's target audience is investors who prefer to buy real estate for rent. One-bedroom apartments or studios are more profitable on the market, so Bloom Properties is focused on the development of such properties. 

Eagle Hills

A private company that specializes in the construction of objects with the latest technologies. It was established in Abu Dhabi and has more than ten years of experience in construction. The main projects of Eagle Hills are residential real estate, hotels and shopping centers. 

The company's pros: 

- innovative solutions in design;

- comfortable for living residential complexes;

- convenient payment schedules for clients. 

Eagle Hills operates not only in the UAE, but also in other countries, such as Serbia and Nigeria. 

Mered Group

Mered Group is a well-known international construction company with its headquarters in Dubai. It is part of the large Pioneer Holding which has successfully completed many projects in different countries. The main focus of the company is to create and develop innovative and luxury real estate.

Why Mered Group is loved for:

- High quality projects;

- good building materials;

- wide range of real estate options: from small studio apartments to penthouses.

The company's flagship project is the Iconic Tower, a tower on Dubai's main thoroughfare. Mereed Group's goal is to establish itself in the premium segment of the market. 

Iman Developers

A firm specializing in the construction of elite complexes. Each iman Developers project is an exclusive residential complex reflecting modern trends and clients' needs.

The company's advantages: 

- infrastructure inside the complexes;

- clear deadlines for the delivery of projects;

- convenient payment schedules;

- affordable prices. 

The main priority of iman Developers is energy efficient solutions and the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies in construction. Given the growing awareness and popularity of the environmental agenda, the company actively seeks to implement solutions that reduce the negative impact on the environment. 

Mira Developments

Mira Developments is a leading developer in Dubai specializing in creating innovative residential developments. The company strives for unique architecture and offers its clients a high level of comfort. The firm was established in 2017 and operates in four emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, and Sharjah. 

Why Mira Developments is loved for:

- high quality of built projects;

- unique architecture;

- convenient locations;

- attention to detail.

The company is always looking for effective solutions, adding new ideas to each project to meet the expectations of potential clients. In addition, Mira Developments offers a wide range of services, including professional property management and maintenance. 

Segrex Development

Segrex Development specializes in various types of properties including residential, commercial and investment properties. The company began operations in 1995 and since then has been committed to creating unique and innovative projects that combine state-of-the-art technology, stylish design and environmental sustainability.

Pros of the company: 

- all projects are delivered on time;

- quality construction materials;

- modern architecture;

- individual approach to each client. 

The developer believes that all projects are created primarily for people's comfort, so he pays great attention to the quality of construction and the wishes of clients.