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26.12.2023 14:20

Which apartment for 15 million will you choose?

Which apartment for 15 million will you choose?

Comparing real estate in Sochi, Kazan, Krasnodar, Moscow and Dubai 

In the last few years, investors prefer to invest in real estate abroad. This is not surprising, because often abroad are more comfortable and favorable conditions for buying housing. To convince you of this, we have compared in detail the characteristics of apartments costing approximately 15,000,000 rubles, which can be bought in Dubai and in four Russian cities. 

Real estate in Sochi 

Sochi is a tourist developing city with a subtropical climate, located on the Black Sea coast. It is primarily suitable for those who prefer a quiet lifestyle. Long walks along the seafront, dinners in trendy cafes and restaurants, lack of metropolitan rush - all this makes life in Sochi as comfortable as possible. However, in recent years, real estate prices in the city have skyrocketed. One-room apartment here can now cost the same as real estate abroad, but the infrastructure of the residential complex and other conditions will be significantly different. For example, let's take a real apartment for sale in Sochi. 

LCD Flora, Sochi 

Price: 15 046 900 rubles. 

1-room apartment. 

Total area - 35.8 square meters. 

Without finishing. 

To the center of Sochi - 30 minutes by transport (excluding traffic jams). 

Additional characteristics: for a fee (from 1 620 971 r.) you can buy a place in the underground parking lot. Also, residents are provided with spaces for strollers and bicycles. On the territory there are a school and a kindergarten. The residential complex is located 1.9 km from the sea and 7 km from Sochi. Nearby there is an embankment of the Kudepsta River. 

Real estate in Moscow 

Many people want to buy an apartment in Moscow, because this is where most of the business is concentrated. However, to feel comfortable in the capital, you need to live in the central districts. To find real estate in a new building within the third transport ring in Moscow for 15,000,000 is a task with an asterisk. Therefore, there is another option: consider buying an apartment in walking distance from the subway. True, even in this case the prices "bite". 

LCD "Level Michurinsky", Moscow

15 041 129 rubles. 

1-room apartment.

Total area - 32.2 square meters 

Finishing - without walls. 

The residential complex is located outside the TTC (third transport ring). Distance from the LCD to the nearest metro station "Michurinsky Prospekt" - 10 minutes on foot.

Additional features: for a separate fee (from 3 063 156 p.) you can buy an increased space in the underground parking (from 15.9 m²). In 700 meters from the LCD "Level Michurinsky" there are many parks. In walking distance there are stores, cafes, fitness clubs, medical institutions, schools and kindergartens.

But there is a big disadvantage: such an apartment is hardly suitable for investment. Suppose you want to rent it out for 60,000 rubles per month. The payback of this apartment will be possible in about twenty years. And this does not take into account the cost of repairs. And if you remember that the property is sold even without finishing the walls, the additional costs will eventually add up to a decent amount. 

Real estate in Kazan 

In winter 2022-2023, Kazan took second place in the rating of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Here is a high standard of living, interesting architecture, a lot of opportunities for leisure activities. But in addition to the pluses, Kazan has minuses, and one of them is quite significant. With average salaries, real estate prices here are very high. Let's see what kind of apartment you can buy in Kazan, having about fifteen million. 

Residential Complex "Stolichny", Kazan 

14,639,000 rubles. 

1-room apartment.

Total area - 56.73 square meters. 

Finishing - pre-finished, without furniture. 

To the metro station "Kozya Sloboda" 10 minutes by transport.

Additional characteristics: in the courtyard of the residential complex there is a large park with alleys for walking, children's playgrounds, playgrounds for sports. In walking distance from LCD "Stolichny" aquapark, Kremlin embankment, cafes and restaurants. The residential complex provides underground parking for a fee, there is no guest parking. You can't leave your car in the courtyard of the house either - there is a tow truck. 

Real estate in Krasnodar 

The most important disadvantage of Krasnodar is the endless traffic jams. Here it is quite realistic to spend 40 minutes on the road, having traveled during this time 1.5 kilometers. There are no storm drains in the city almost everywhere, so after a long rain Krasnodar often becomes like Venice. Therefore, in order not to spend half of your life on the road, real estate here should be purchased as close to the center as possible. 

Residential Complex "Vse Svoi VIP", Krasnodar 

15 270 000 rubles.

1-room apartment.

Total area - 48.3 square meters. 

Finishing - prefinished, without furniture. 

Road to the center of Krasnodar - 10 minutes by transport. 

The residential complex is positioned as an elite real estate: guarded territory, entrance to which is carried out by Face ID. In the yard there is a modern playhouse, sports ground.

Real estate in Dubai 

We have considered four apartments in Russian cities costing approximately 15,000,000 rubles. Let us now see what kind of apartment can be bought for this amount in Dubai and what will be its advantages. 

Today the real estate market in Dubai is one of the best in the world. The Emirates are famous for their infrastructure, security and comfort. Here there are no property and income taxes, and interest-free installments are possible when buying real estate. 

LCD "Luxor Tower", Dubai 

RUB 15,569,861

Studio apartment

Total area - 36.1 square meters

Finishing - repair according to the design project. 

Residential complex is located in the lively area of JVC, twenty minutes to the center of Dubai and sixteen minutes from the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. Additional features: the infrastructure of "LuxorTower" guarantees a high level of comfort. Studios and apartments are sold with repair and furniture, so the owners will not have to spend additional costs for finishing. The residential complex provides a lot of entertainment: a rooftop swimming pool, a modern gym, a sky garden, a movie theater, a playground. 


As a result, for approximately the same amount you can buy an apartment: 

- in a bedroom district of Sochi (the center is 30 minutes away by car);

- outside the third transportation ring in Moscow;

- with finishing in Kazan and Krasnodar;

- in a residential complex in Dubai with developed infrastructure: swimming pool, barbecue area, gym, etc. 

It turns out that for 15,000,000 rubles you can buy a better quality real estate in Dubai and do not invest additional money in the apartment for arrangement. 

Additional pluses of real estate in Dubai

- low crime rate in the country;

- high standard of living;

- income tax is 0 rubles;

- obtaining a resident visa when buying an apartment from $205 000

- high return on investment.

Nobles Tower
Nobles Tower
Completion dateQ2 2024
DeveloperTiger Real Estate
Total areafrom 84 m² to 150 m²
Down payment5%
from 2 732 520 AED