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27.04.2023 10:10

Why do investors and businessmen choose Dubai?

Why do investors and businessmen choose Dubai?

Dubai attracts professionals from all over the world due to its high standard of living, modern infrastructure and favorable tax climate. Let's take a closer look:

–The government of the emirate is doing its best to make the city the most attractive, and already now Dubai can be called a leading world center with an impressive scientific, cultural and human resource potential.

–It is considered that Dubai has a high standard of living. And all thanks to the stable macroeconomic situation, promising market, favorable economic conditions, including zero income tax, excellent infrastructure in the field of education, business and leisure.

* From June 2023 the income tax will increase to 9%.

–The dirham exchange rate has been stable for decades at 3.67 dirhams to the dollar.

–Long-term residency visas. There are more than 10 types of visas in Dubai, for different purposes of stay, making this city as accessible as possible. Dubai is one of the most attractive destinations for owners of small, medium and large multinational enterprises, due to its competitive environment, free economic zones and smart business ecosystem.

–The UAE was ranked 10th among the most powerful countries in the global soft power index in 2023 by the reputable brandfinance.com

* Soft power is a country's ability to influence others through diplomacy, exports of goods and services, culture and the like.

–The UAE is the second largest economy among the Gulf states, with a GDP of $415 billion.